Young Demo

  1. Project’s description 


The Young Leaders United for Democracy project (#YOUNG DEMO) project’s scope is to support youth democratic and civic engagement and to reinforce the importance of citizen involvement and representation in the European decision-making process, as a contribution to raising awareness and empowering citizens to make informed decisions.  

By focusing on young people, aged 12 to 26, the project will boost their civic motivation and will enhance the participation of the 2024 European Parliament elections, which are central to strengthening and nurturing democracy in the EU – a part of the participants being “first voters in 2024”.  

#YoungDemo is developed by World Vision Romania along with partners from other six European countries (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden and Cyprus) bringing together 140 young people, aged 12-26, who aim to become a strong voice and make a change for the better in society! 

    1. a) Advocacy Online Mentoring Program – For one-year, young people take part in an advocacy mentorship program, which will help them learn more about the values and role of the European institutions, the importance of exercising the right to vote, about how they can defend their rights.

    The mentorship program aims to support participants in growing as youth leaders that would have an increased knowledge about our world reality, get involved in social issues, weather locally or globally, and inspire others to be better.  

    The program consists in a series of online workshops and individual assignments focused on critical thinking and fostering European values, such as democracy and human rights. Mentor is Ciprian Cucu, university lecturer, activist, and countering-disinformation expert from Romania. 

  • b) Online European Young Leaders DebateOnline European Young Leaders Debate on the thematic of youth engagement and European civic participation The debate will target first time voters for the European Parliament Elections in 2024 – the event will discuss about youth engagement at European level, the challenges youth face and possible partnerships that can be developed, in order to empower young people to become active citizens. 
  • c) European study visits to EU agenciesDuring the project, the participants will have the chance to go in study visits to institutions such as: European youth agencies, European parliament, European culture and entrepreneurship agencies, EU-Youth Guarantee implementation group etc.  
  • d) National public consultations on combating disinformationThe consultation will reach the topics: fake news and social media, disinformation and simple ways to combat it, urgent matters for internet safety. 
  • e) National photo-voice competitions – The competitions will be organized at a national level by all partner organizations and will target young people, from underserved groups. The theme of the Photovoice contest will be the importance of active citizenship in the EU- decision making process.

    The national finalists of the Photovoice competition will be invited to present their works in an European Youth Event organized online on topics such as the importance of active citizenship and children’s rights.  

  • f) Local events developed in each partner country on the thematic of youth engagement and European civic participation: summer camps, study visits to national institutions with attributions in the field of youth, multiplier events for promoting 2024 European Parliament elections, local information events in partner schools and institutions regarding the EU’s policies and benefits, media advocacy campaign to promote youth rights within the migrant community etc. 
  • g) Using co-production as a method to spread awareness and disseminate EU values and contributions amongst young people. Each partner country will develop a Social Media channel that will develop info campaigns, competitions and content regarding EU values and policies that directly affect youth participation within civic life. Moreover, an European TikTok channel will be open within the project, which will promote EU values, institutions and benefits towards young people. The TikTok channel will provide information regarding EU youth dedicated events, opportunities and legal changed that affect young people, the implementation of the EU recommendations regarding children and youth, as well as debates regarding real needs and difficulties young people face in their daily life. Young people will be encouraged to produce and send videos to promote on the channel. 
  • null
    Who runs a country?  
    A civics workshop about the way power is split among government branches, citizens, NGOs, and political parties.
  • null
    Left, right, and other directions in politics 
    A civics workshop, introduction to political ideologies. We will discuss, without favoring one particular ideology, what the basics distinctions between “left” and “right” mean in politics, what are other ways of looking at political ideologies, and why it matters.  
  • null
    I’m a European citizen and I have rights.  

    Workshop on the functioning of European institutions and what it means to be a European citizen.  

  • null
    Fake news and how to spot them. 

    Introductory media literacy workshop, dealing with main concepts and models to evaluate quality of information.  

  • null
    What is media and when should we trust it? 

    Media literacy workshop focused on understanding the role and forms of media, as well as evaluation methods for media quality.  

  • null
    How do we know what we know? Stories and reality. 

    Workshop in countering disinformation focusing on techniques used in spreading false narratives.  

  • null
    Listen to reason: argumentation and logical fallacies. 

    Workshop on critical thinking, starting from the theory of argumentation and focusing on common logical fallacies.  

  • null
    Technology for active citizens. 

    A technical / technology focused workshop to present some tools that can be of use to activists.  

  • null
    Act for change: campaigning and advocacy. 

    Civics workshop focused on understanding and planning awareness and advocacy campaigns.  

  • null

    • Knowledge and abilities in communication, advocacy; 

  • null

    • Deepening the values, the role and the activity of European Union (Citizen engagement and right to participation); 

  • null

    • The opportunity to get actively involved and organize, together with the project’s experts, advocacy actions on topics that concern them and are of interest to them; 

  • null

    • Deepening the concept of civic engagement (values, attitudes, knowledge, skills, behaviour, emotions); 

  • null

    • Participating in an international experience with young people from 6 other European countries; 

  • null

    • Participation in discussions, debates and round tables on topics related to misinformation, hate speech, freedom of speech, European values and identity. 

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