Monograph study of the „Social Store for Refugees” Intervention (Tender NO 34.2_07.03.2023)

World Vision International is inviting you to a request for offer regarding the Monograph study of the „Social Store for Refugees” Intervention (Tender NO 34.2_07.03.2023), the implementation periods being according to attached file.

You are requested to send us your intent to bid and to submit effectively your proposal through the email provided in the attached TOR.

Together with your email confirmation of participating, please send the followings:

1. A certified copy of business registration

2. A copy of the registration certificate and licenses

3. Agree and sign the ’’Code of conduct’’(attached)

4. Submit the ’’Supplier Registration Form’’ template form (attached).   

The proposals should be sent as password-protected documents. The password should be sent through separate email within 6 hours after the deadline for the submission of proposals.